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If you have any questions regarding this domain name,

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The 5 Advantages of Owning a Premium Keyword Domain Name 

  1. Keyword Rich Search Terms        
  2. Direct Type in Domain                  
  3. Instant Brand Recognition              
  4. Physical Marketing Advantages    
  5. Instant Trust and Authority  

A Premium Domain Name is a valuable asset for a business. It makes you stand out from your competition.

Owning a memorable or geo-targeted domain name is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods a business can use to establish their brand and drive new clients to their website.

Keyword rich domain names allow the search engines to rank you higher in searches from potential clients. More client traffic to your website translates directly into more clients to your bottom line.

How do I pay for this domain name?

We offer three ways to pay for domain names. 

  1. PayPal is used for domain names priced 5000.00 and under.
  2. is used for domain names priced 5001.00 and over.
  3. Bitcoin can be used for any domain on the system.

How will the domain name be transferred to me?

When using PayPal of Bitcoin for payment, the domain transfer will begin upon notification of payment received (Usually within 5 minutes after you pay). Our domains are at the following registrars, GoDaddy, NameBright, Uniregistry, NetworkSolutions, and Pheenix. If you have an account at the same registrar where the domain is, the transfer happens immediately. If you do not have an account at the registrar where the domain you purchase is at, you can either set up a free account (again instant and immediate transfer), or we can give you a transfer code and you can transfer the domain to whatever registrar you would like.

If the transaction is with, once Escrow secures the fund they will notify us to transfer the domain. Once we are notified, we follow the same process as above.

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